Acquaintance with a famous traveler grew into friendship

   Last December, Tomsk hosted the festival of the Russian Geographical Society “Rediscovering Russia. Together”. One of the guests of the festival was Alvaro de Marichalar Saenz de Tejada, a Spanish extreme traveler. We wrote about it on our web site.

   He circumnavigates the world on a jet ski, the smallest vessel in the world. At a meeting with a traveler, Eduard Galazhinsky, Chairman of the Regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society, discussed possible international projects in the field of tourism, as well as the promotion of geography and related sciences. Also, Mr. Alvaro de Marichalar met with representatives of the Biological Institute of TSU, during a warm, friendly meeting, the catastrophic problem of pollution of the oceans with oil and plastic was discussed. The traveler was interested in the experience of the Tomsk State University in researching various media of the environment for the content of microplastics. Mr. Marichalar was surprised to learn that a unique technology had been developed in Tomsk for cleaning the bottom of water bodies from oil – the Aeroschup and expressed a desire to cooperate with our project.

   We continue to follow the journey of the brave seafarer, staying in correspondence with him and receiving his reports from different parts of the globe. We invite the readers to immerse in the romance of travel and see the latest stories:

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