Global changes of the Earth on the example of the Ob basin

   Research on a large-scale project supported by Tomsk State University within the framework of the Priority-2030 program has begun at the Research Center “Microplastic Siberia”. The project is focused on the study of the distribution and circulation of microplastics in the natural environments of the Ob basin and is a part of the strategic project of the University “Global changes in the Earth: climate, ecology, quality of life.” 

   The modern concept of understanding environmental pollution by microplastics takes into account its wide distribution and circulation in ecosystems. Comprehensive studies aimed at assessing microplastic flows in various natural environments, including the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere are extremely relevant.

   The research of biologists and ecologists within the project will includ detection and identification of microplastics in surface waters, snow cover that forms surface runoff and in biota, as well as the study of the redistribution of microplastics in freshwater ecosystems under the influence of biotic factors on the example of the Ob basin.